Chinese Tutors: What Makes A Good Tutor?

Everyone can agree that a regular Chinese student has a very strong background in mostly everything. This, however, is not to disregard the learning or education of other children. But have you ever heard of chinese tuition singapore?

What do Chinese tutors do?

A Chinese tutor assists the students in learning to speak, write and read Mandarin Chinese as another or second language.

With Chinese learning, there are various levels of proficiency to teach, from beginner to advance fluency, and also from having casual conversation skills to conducting business, performing translations and so much more.

Depending on the level of Chinese their children wish to learn, these Chinese tutors are always available to start from the very basics and take your child’s Chinese to a whole new level.

Are you looking into becoming a Chinese tutor? Then you should know their things to become one.

If you have a zeal for teaching others and love Chinese, well,  becoming a tutor is quite easy. You will need a high school degree or diploma to start teaching, this is at a minimum if you want to teach in kindergarten and middle school grade levels.

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If you become a tutor in a special grade subject, especially for levels higher than middle schools and kindergarten, you will need a degree. So if you want to teach Chinese, it all depends on the level you plan to teach.

For a high school tutor in Chinese, you may not have to have so much school or education as even an undergraduate can help teach general Chinese. And for a tutor of Chinese in high school, it is highly recommended that you excel in the course you teach.

Some students at times prefer peer tutors, that is they prefer to learn from someone who has gone through the same course and knows about it well than them.

Some other students also may prefer a more experienced academic tutor to give them the support they need.

As a Chinese tutor, you must also be ready and prepared to help a student learn the other key areas of the language that would support their Chinese learning needs.

You cannot be surprised at the fact that you may also be required to tutor them to write and help them learn the skills they would need, like how they are to answer questions in a chemistry class and/or how they are to better prepare for your Chinese exams.

This also means you are not just their Chinese tutor but also more than that.

The most important things you can do as a tutor and what makes you a good tutor are

  • You get in touch, one-on-one with the parents and the students.
  • You try to uncover different lead styles you can use
  • You must be compassionate and be able to build a rapport with your students
  • You need to be able to hon your student’s studying skills
  • Your role is more than just teaching, you must be able to build confidence in your students

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