Noise Canceling Earphones: Types, Specifications, And Cost

Noise Canceling Earphones: Types, Specifications, And Cost

When it comes to earphones, many people like to have them. The earphone is one of the modern accessories that are not needed but have a function. Thus, there are still many people who want to buy good earphones, especially those who want to have privacy with their conversation partners or who want to listen to music that does not disturb others.

But, not only this, many people are looking for earphones to have nice and clear communication on another line without disturbance. Noise canceling earphones that can be bought in the market are one of them. The noise cancelling earphones singapore  is one of the makers of these beautiful and durable accessories, which can also be bought online.


The active noise canceling technology has brought out innovative headphones that are also called earphones because of their portability and good workmanship. Since earphones are no longer included in standard headphones, they have features that are different from standard headphones. It can no longer be called reserved for expensive headphones but is ideal for those who want to buy well-priced noise canceling headphones in a portable and aesthetic way.

You’ll find a decent selection of earbuds like the wireless sporting noise canceling technology. The quality and type of noise canceling earphones are different from other brands. Therefore, noise-canceling earphones singapore aims to convey to people the difference between their inventions according to type. These are the different types of noise canceling earphones to select from:

  • hybrid active noise canceling
  • feedforward active noise canceling
  • (adjustable) active noise cancellation


To identify a good noise-canceling earphone, you have to try it. Here you will know if it is good to use or not. But, for those who want to buy noise-canceling earphones for work or live streaming, there are good specifications to consider, such as:

  • Earpiece design
  • Earpiece connection / Wearing style
  • Foldable
  • Driver size
  • Controls/Microphone location
  • Frequency response
  • Beamforming support
  • Bluetooth
  • Wire range and more


Considering the cost of a noise-canceling earphone, it is pricier than the standard earphones. The price is different, but not too high. It could be $5 higher or more. But, the exchange for the high price is the satisfaction that the user can have. The person you are talking with on the other line will never be disturbed by the possible background sounds. Plus, the background sound around you will be reduced for your benefit.

If you wish to get a noise-canceling earphone without you and the other line not disturbed, then you should shop for this kind.