There’s More to a Theme Park Than Just the Rides: Find the Best “Amusement Center Near Me”

There’s More to a Theme Park Than Just the Rides: Find the Best “Amusement Center Near Me”

You may not think there’s much to do at an amusement park if you’re not into rides with 100-foot drops & 360-degree corkscrews. (Perhaps you’ve only grudgingly gone there with certain daredevils in your family or friends.) But even if you’re not like roller coasters, there are still lots of ways to have fun: Many amusement parks have improved their offerings to include less alarming attractions like good cuisine and entertaining performances. You may enjoy these other things at the theme park while your buddies patiently wait in line after line. Learn more about what you can do in an amusement center before searching “amusement centre near me”.

Spending a day at a theme park is the perfect excuse to try out all the unique and delectable treats. Find out what the park’s specialty foods are before you go. For example, a Knott’s Berry Farm visit isn’t complete without a boysenberry dessert (like this refreshing Boysenberry Icee). If you’re hungry for something more substantial, you’ll find many parks, including restaurants with surprisingly inventive food, on-site or nearby. When people think of Orlando’s Disney Springs, they often think of the unique eateries there.

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Activities at the Amusement Park

After spending a few hours in the scorching heat, it’s refreshing to have a cool drink. These days, it’s not uncommon for theme parks to offer adult beverages like craft beer and artisanal cocktails in addition to the usual soda and juice. Relax in the shadow of Dawa Bar in Animal Kingdom and sample some beer or wine from Africa.

Many amusement parks provide entertaining performances that you won’t want to miss, such as spectacular fireworks displays or exciting stage concerts. One of the most well-attended shows at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is Celtic Fyre, a dance production that honors Irish culture. Put aside the additional $5 for preferred seats.

During the colder months, theme parks often host various holiday-themed events to keep guests entertained. In particular, Walt Disney World spares no expense. Epcot’s World Showcase is the perfect place to see holiday traditions worldwide, such as Mexico’s FelizNavidad or the Three Kings Day celebrations, which take place close to World Showcase Plaza. See the wonderful huge ornaments in France, for example, and other holiday decorations worldwide.

Uncover Secret Attractions

By avoiding the queues, you’ll have more time to seek out the little-known jewels that most visitors miss. For example, when visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, call 62442 (MAGIC) at the phone booth outside of King’s Cross Station. Some theme parks provide VIP tours, including access to the park’s backstage areas, for an additional price. The three-hour Wild Savannah Trek is a must-do for every Animal Kingdom visitor who enjoyed the Kilimanjaro Safaris. Get out of the Jeep and stroll the savanna with a guide to get a closer look at the magnificent creatures.