Heartfelt Romance: Dive into the Most Enchanting Telugu Films

Heartfelt Romance: Dive into the Most Enchanting Telugu Films

Do you want to watch touching love stories that go beyond the movie screen? aha is a platform offering the most captivating Telugu films that will touch your heart. Let’s explore three outstanding films that have captured the hearts of audiences here:

  1. Samajavaragamana

“Samajavaragamana” might be one of the best Telugu love movies. The romance film stars Sree Vishnu, Reba Monica John, Vennela Kishore, Naresh, and Srikanth Iyengar.

The story revolves around “Balu,” a responsible son hailing from a middle-class family. Balu holds the position of a ticketing clerk at a multiplex in Hyderabad, Telangana, shouldering the responsibility of being the sole provider for his dear family.

Juggling his job and the responsibility of tutoring his father and Sarayu, Balu finds himself caught up in a series of amusing situations. In the midst of all this, a sweet love story begins to bloom between Balu and Sarayu. When Sarayu completes her degree and returns to her hometown, a twist arises during an engagement attended by Balu and Sarayu. What’s the problem, and how do they go through it? Discover the answers to these questions and download Telugu movies on aha OTT today.

  1. Ori Devuda

“Ori Devuda,” or “Oh My God,” is a Telugu fantasy romantic comedy film. The movie features Vishwak Sen, Mithila Palkar (making her Telugu debut), and Asha Bhat, with an extended cameo appearance by Venkatesh.

The story revolves around three best friends, Anu, Arjun, and Mani, who have been inseparable since childhood. During a party celebrating Arjun passing his Engineering exams, Anu drops a bombshell – her father, Paulraj, is on the lookout for a groom for her. To everyone’s surprise, she turns to Arjun and pops the question: Would he like to marry her? Arjun agrees.

Fast forward one year, and Anu and Arjun find themselves in a family court seeking a divorce. In a rush to figure things out, Arjun follows the address on the mysterious man’s visiting card. To his astonishment, he encounters the man who claims to be God. Arjun pours out his problems to this divine encounter. To watch the twists and turns of Telugu love movies, catch “Ori Devuda” on aha today!

  1. Baby

“Baby” is a Telugu romantic drama. Anand Deverakonda and Viraj Ashwin don the main roles in this movie.

In the beginning, Anand harbors some resentment towards his mute and deaf mother despite her deep love for him. Vaishnavi, who lives nearby, secretly admires Anand, but he remains unaware of her feelings until a moment when she stands up to their teacher. This incident makes Anand realize Vaishnavi’s feelings, and their romantic journey begins.

As time passes, three years later, Vaishnavi joins a prestigious engineering college, while Anand, facing academic struggles, decides to drop out of Intermediate and takes up driving an auto for a living. For an emotional journey through the complexities of young love and the choices that shape our paths, watch and download Telugu movies on aha.

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