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Spouse Program

Thursday May 11th and Friday May 12th

Genealogy classes: Come find out about your family heritage! A special tour of the LDS Church Genealogy Library at BYU is available with John Hendrix. This will include a class and the chance to learn how to start doing your own research. Sign up at registration desk

Spouse Activity for Thursday and Friday Morning

May 11th and May 12th – 10am to 1pm

Thursday May 11th

Do You Know Who You Are?

  • What: This will be a beginner’s class in family history. You will be learn how to research your family history and you can start to record your ancestry in the world’s largest database attempting to connect everyone in the world.
  • How: We will meet in a classroom at the library that has a computer for each person. If you want to get the most out of the class you should try to fill out a pedigree chart with as many ancestors as you know. If you have older relatives, ask them to help you fill out the chart. You can find a printable online pedigree chart at:
  • Friday May 12th

    DNA/Genealogy and Are You Related to Royalty or Famous Individuals

  • What: There will be two parts to this class. The first part will explain how DNA is used with genealogy research. The class will explain the differences and use of Y-DNA, Autosomal DNA and MtDNA. You will also gain an understanding of the three major DNA companies and which one to use under different circumstances. The second part will introduce to a free web based program produced by BYU that can tell you if you are related to Royalty or Famous Individuals.
  • How: The DNA/Genealogy part of the class will not require any preparation. The “Are You Related to Royalty or Famous Individuals” will be a continuation of the previous day’s work.
  • When and Where

    Each day we will meet at the entrance to the UVU Event Center at 10am (where you registered). We will be driving to the Brigham Young University Family History Library. A map will be distributed to those who are driving. Car sharing is encouraged.

    Saturday May 13th – 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

    Woodcarving Class – Make a Snowman (free) taught by Susan Hendrix

    (Located at the main entrance of the UCCU Events Center)

    To view samples of Susan’s work, view her Santa carvings at:

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        Utah Woodturning Symposium
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