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The Great Egg Cup Race

In 2015 we brought back an old classic that was one of Dale’s favorites–The Great Egg Cup Race. It was a great success and it will be back in 2017. Current and past symposium presenters are invited to participate.  It will be held in the afternoon on Thursday.

Each contestant will be given a piece of hardwood 2.25” x 2.25” x 4” that has been prepared for mounting in a scroll chuck.  There will be two lathes set up each having a toolrest along the length of the wood and across the end.

Contestants will be able to compete against each other individually or in teams of two.

Adulation and artificial respect will be heaped upon the turners with the fastest times and best accuracy based on a drawing.  History however has shown that quality usually yields to efficiency.

In the words of the late and great English turner Bill Jones, “You can watch heaps of really good wood being totally ruined by the world’s finest turners”.

The Great Egg Cup Race should be great fun for both contestants and observers.

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